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Rebecca Womack

Executive Director

Since graduating with a Master’s in 2003 from North Dakota State University, Rebecca has been privileged to serve adults and children using applied behavior analysis (ABA) in a variety of capacities. From facility-based care, to working in group homes, daycare centers, schools, and family homes, her experience includes implementing evidence-based therapy across multiple settings. As part of this, she has traveled across the United States and overseas to provide consultation for families with children and adults who have autism.

Rebecca currently serves as the Director of Clinical Compliance for Blue Sprig Pediatrics, Inc. There she works collaboratively with a team of interdisciplinary professionals to create quality assurance policies and ensure that related processes are ethically and contractually aligned with health plan standards. She also operates as the Executive Director for the Behavior Analysis Advocacy Network (BAAN) working closely with policy makers, which allows her to preserve services and the continuity of care for children with autism. In addition to facilitating provider and family concerns, she disseminates information on clinical and ethical practices relating to funding source requirements. Whatever the role, her ultimate goal is to make a significant impact through effective and efficient services utilizing the science of behavior analysis.


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