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Heather West

Board Member – Treasurer

Heather West is a military spouse and mother to six children. Her eight-year-old was born with 1q.21 Deletion Syndrome and is on the spectrum. Her four year old was also recently diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Heather holds a Bachelor’s degree in Special Education. She has spent over 12 years working with TRICARE and insurance companies in advocating for children. Her extensive background in finance enables her to effectively assist non-profit companies and fellow military families. Heather was awarded the Mary E. Walker award for “contributing significantly to the welfare of soldiers and showing concern for their families”. She is the current Service Unit Director for Girl Scouts in Temple, Texas after having spent years managing the finances for the Fort Hood unit. In her spare time she assists families who are just entering the school system in advocating for their children with special needs. She educates others on how to develop effective Individual Education Plans (IEP) and/or 504 as well as coaching individuals on TRICARE policies.


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